Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quasimoto - "Quaslingtons Mix - Rare" (2011)

Quasimoto - "Quaslingtons Mix - Rare" (2011)

This is a mix that was handed over to me a few days ago that has a lot of tracks I've heard randomly throughout the years.....but nothing that was a real "official" releases (except for the few remixes, and Fatbacks Track). I don't have a tracklist, but who cares......just enjoy it!!

Quasimoto - "Quaslingtons Mix (Rare)"

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Johnny Guitar Watson - What The Hell Is This? (1979)

Johnny Guitar Watson - What The Hell Is This? (1979) DJM Records

Ridiculous tracks throughout the entire record. This dude for sure was a pimp, and his music shows it. If I had to pick a favorite track probably would have to be "Proud Of You." Second up on the list is "What The Hell Is This".....that bass line is super dope.


Side A
1. What The Hell Is This?
2.In The World
3.Proud Of You
4.Cop & Blow

Side B
1. I Don't Want To Be President
2. Mother In Law
3. Strung Out

If you see this record floating around the bins and crates near you, grab it for sure. This album is funky and soulful as all hell. I caught myself smiling through this whole record.

Monday, November 30, 2009



December 20th, 2009.
12pm - 6pm
943 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012

All Ages.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Magnum - Fully Loaded (1974)

Magnum - Fully Loaded (1974) The Phoenix Records

The record is funky and upbeat. Im usually not feeling heavy guitar tracks, but this record places the element nicely. All around this has a happy feel-good vibe. Funk with heavy percussion is always a plus. Side Two, Track 1 "Witch Doctor's Brew" one track that sticks out and grabs my attention the most (but all tracks are really dope). Definitely came up on this grab.

Eight Hungry Musicians:

Michael Greene: Piano/Organ, Percussion, Vocals
Harold Greene: Bass, Background Vocals
Kevin "Cornbread" Thornton: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
David "Bra Ping" Sutton: Drums, Background Vocals
Vance "Worm" Wormley: Trombone, Organ, Piano, Percussion, Vocals
Thurron "Thorn" Mallory: Tenor & Alto Sax, Electrified Percussion, Background Vocals
George Chaney "The Chain": Congas, Bongos, Background Vocals
Lamont Pain: Trumpet, Percussion, Background Vocals

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leon Thomas - Blues And The Soulful Truth (1972)

Leon Thomas - Blues And The Soulful Truth (1972) Flying Dutchman

What can I say about this record....It has it's ups and downs, bright and dark moments, heavy and light sounds. Leon Thomas came through on this one. The feeling is good through most tracks, and also has a fresh break or two seating in a few places. The track China Doll is the shit straight the fuck up! Hahahaha

I stumbled across this record in the clearance bin, by luck. By luck included all the defects (sorry about the ghetto transfer) but is still held as a classic to me. I hope you agree.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bennie Maupin - The Jewel In The Lotus (1974)

Bennie Maupin - The Jewel In The Lotus (1974) ECM

Bennie Maupin first caught my ear on The Headhunters - Survival of the Fittest playing bass clarinet....later discovering that he was the bass clarinet on Miles - Bitches Brew. He was born in Detroit and was heavily influenced by Yusef Lateef and Eric Dolphy.

Bennie Maupin: reeds, voice, glockenspiel; Herbie Hancock: piano, electric piano; Buster Williams: bass; Frederick Waits: drums and marimba (left channel); Billy Hart: drums (right channel); Bill Summers: percussion, water-filled garbage can; Charles Sullivan: trumpet.

This album has a very interesting feel, especially because of the the way Billy and Frederick are panned hard left and right in the mix. Experimental ideas that display very artistic adventures. Overall this record takes me to the place I need to be.