Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quasimoto - "Quaslingtons Mix - Rare" (2011)

Quasimoto - "Quaslingtons Mix - Rare" (2011)

This is a mix that was handed over to me a few days ago that has a lot of tracks I've heard randomly throughout the years.....but nothing that was a real "official" releases (except for the few remixes, and Fatbacks Track). I don't have a tracklist, but who cares......just enjoy it!!


  1. Whats good man, thanks for the upload! Where the hell did you get this from? hearin all types of crazy shit here!

    Sounds a bit like that ''Quazimoto Meets himself'' mixtape.

    Anyway thanks again!

    It's Lord Quas droppin' shit like some horses
    Imitating mindstate have you split like divorces of courses!

  2. Amazing "Eat sleep and drink vinyl, i'll probably be this way until the final"

    track listing! this is soul